He’s a dandy guy…in space.


Only for the WAH U.


Only for the WAH U.


there’s always that one character where you’re like “tbh I love this character bc I am this character”

Any recommended 90's music?

#it’s like a fucking scooby doo episode how is this the show i’ve cried endless tears over


there’s about 105 hours left until smash bros is released so you only have to listen to this 32 times 


Detail shots of my “Welcome to Inlé” sculpture, completed early July, 2014.

I realize I mentioned writing more about the piece when I posted these, but now I can’t for the life of me remember what it was I wanted to say.

Watership Down was one of the first novels I read as a child, probably at 10 or 12. I saw the animated film soon after, and it’s clear to me that both the book and the movie made an indelible impression on me. I reread the book every two or three years, and it hasn’t lost any of its power or impact. Most of all, I’m enthralled by the rich stories the rabbits share with one another throughout the novel. My love for mythology was certainly encouraged by reading WSD as a child.

Thanks for the wonderful response to this piece so far, you amazing folks!

Materials and dimensions and all that other good stuff can be found on the turnaround photoset that’s posted on my Tumblr, right below this post.


Well, one night after I had turned it down, he [Gene Roddenberry] called me from his outdoor Jacuzzi and told me to “Just take the part.” He assured me I was to be the love interest of Picard and a sort of Chief Surgeon of the Universe, plus a good mother. It was “a great part, a new kind of female role.” But it was kind of strange to hear the water jets pumping in the background. It was my first-ever Jacuzzi call, you know. He said, “Take the part and you, too, can have a Jacuzzi in your backyard.” But I put a pool in instead.

— Gates McFadden [x]